We are the experts for all topics related to the securities process with a focus on middle & back office.


Our partners

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Securities services
Development of operating models
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Blockchain/DLT PoCs
Crypto custody & traditional custody

Digital Hub

Our Digital Hub is more than a research center where we explore emerging technologies and publish studies. Instead, it forms the direct interface between our technical expertise and the practical application of new technologies, such as blockchain.

Together with our partners, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and CISPA (Helmholtz Center for Information Security), we guarantee academically founded and highly secure digitalization solutions that prepare our customers today for tomorrow's requirements.

Service models

We are your cost-saving potential for specialized processes.

We handle the professional insourcing of back-office/operations activities and create the necessary leeway to allow our customers to focus on actively shaping their value creation efforts.

ECJ Factory

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ECJ Factory

The disparity in the treatment of investment assets has been a matter of concern to the industry for many years. There are frequently rulings on this issue (e.g., Fokus Bank, Denkavit, Santander, etc.) from national courts as well as the European Court of Justice on how to deal with this falsely withheld tax, which ties up valuable resources for our customers.

With our modular service model, we ensure that the refund applications are submitted to the local tax authorities in time to secure your and your clients' claims.

Fee Factory

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Fee Factory

In an outsourced world, the tasks of the retained organization are becoming increasingly complex. One essential controlling process, however, is often neglected: fee controlling.

We offer our customers a three-tiered, modular service for this. We implement a service tailored to our customers' needs ranging from a one-time sanity check of incoming invoices through regular audits to the full takeover of continuous invoice auditing and the associated reconciliation of differences. In doing so, we lighten our customers' workload significantly, guarantee 100% controlling and avoid billing errors, which are not infrequently in the six-digit EUR range annually.

Test Factory

Test Factory

We support our customers in the results-oriented and successful implementation of the test process or, if desired, take over all activities from setup to the successful completion of testing.

Our long-standing experience makes us a reliable partner to successfully overcome your challenge. We accompany you on the way from test conception to successful test acceptance and go-live.

If you do not want to commit resources and employees to testing and the associated processes, the Plutoneo Test Factory is the ideal instrument for a successful implementation.

We are your partner for successful project realization

Professional project & program management are essential success factors for every project. For the success of an IT project, professional test management is also critical, whether it is a classic software rollout, SaaS project or the application of new technologies such as blockchain.

Our services are the key to your project's success:

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Program management
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Project management
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Test management